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Online Resources

Links to the Best Egyptological Research on the Web


Introduction and Update

The Links Page is divided into four sections, click the link to jump to the section:

Egyptology Resources contains links to high quality  academic style resources on all aspects of Egyptology.

Egypt and the Bible contains links to high quality resources discussing aspects of Egypt and Biblical Scholarship.

Alternative Egypt contains links to sites that discuss alternative theories and interpretations (from both sides) of such topics as Origins of Civilisation, Aliens, Ancient Technology, Egyptian Chronology, Pyramids, The Sphinx, Secret Societies, Conspiracy Theories, Modern Egyptian Religion, Egyptian Magic, Egyptian Energy Healing and The Hermetic Tradition.

Egyptian Fantasy contains links to resources that relate to works of entertainment inspired by Egypt, from fiction, films, games and art.

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Index to Egyptology Resources

The Egyptology links are grouped under Time Period, Location, Topics, Digital Resources and Organisations. Browse the list below to find  the topic of most interest to you or scroll through all the links below. 

Time Period

  • Predynastic

  • Old Kingdom and FIP

  • Middle Kingdom and SIP

  • Amarna Period

  • New Kingdom

  • TIP, Greco/Roman, Late Period Plus


  • Delta Region

  • Memphis Region

  • Middle Egypt

  • Theban Region

  • Southern Egypt

  • Western Desert and Oases

  • Eastern Desert and Red Sea Coast

  • Sinai

  • Sudan


  • Art and Architecture

  • History of Egyptology

  • King Lists

  • Religion and Funerary Beliefs

  • Science

  • Texts and Language

  • Travel

Digital Resources

  • Online Courses

  • Podcasts

  • Apps

  • Epigraphy

  • Hieroglyph Tools

  • Crowdsourcing

  • Museum search

  • Thesauri

  • Online Collections and Libraries

  • Open access publications

  • Online journal archives

  • Online magazines and newsletters

  • Online Scholarship

  • Digital Books


  • Institute Websites

  • Association Websites

  • Society Websites

  • Museum Websites

  • Egyptologist Blogs

Online resources: About

Online Egyptological resources

In this section you will find a plethora of Egyptology resources available online. Many of these links I obtained from Nikki van de Beek's excellent blog. 

The Egyptology links are grouped under Time Period, Location, Topics, Digital Resources and Organisations. Browse the list below to find  the topic of most interest to you or scroll through all the links below. 

Time Period


Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites

Early Egyptian Inscribed Labels


Nekhen News

Predynastic Palette Database

Old Kingdom and FIP

AERAGRAM Newsletter

Digital Giza: The Giza Project at Harvard University

Egyptology Resources by Nigel StrudwickGiza Archives

Human (AERA)

Giza Plateau Mapping Project

Lepsius' monuments

Old Kingdom Elite Tomb Iconography Bibliography

Oxford Expedition to Egypt: Scene-details Database

Pyramid Texts Online Library

Middle Kingdom and SIP

Beni Hasan al-Shuruq survey

Beni Hassan | Visual dictionary for Middle Kingdom elite tombs.

Meketre scene repository

Middle Kingdom Studies

Middle Kingdom Theban Project

Persons and Names of the Middle Kingdom

Tell el-Dab’a (Austrian Excavation, M Bietak)

Tell el-Dab'a (Ancient Avaris)

Amarna Period: late 18th Dynasty

Amarna 3D

Amarna Anniversary

Amarna Letters

Amarna Northern Cemeteries

Amarna Project

Amarna Project – Downloadable Resources

Amarna Virtual Museum

Aton-num  | Puzzle together some Amarna talatat.

New Kingdom: 18-20th Dynasty

Book of the Dead in 3D

Butehamun: Scribe of Deir el-Medina

Deir el-Medina Database (Leiden University)

Deir el Medine Online (Munich)

Deir el-Bahari (Cliff Mission)

Deir el-Bahari (Temple of Hatshepsut)

Dra' Abu el-Naga

Digital Karnak

IFAO Tombs of Deir el-Medina (photography)

FAO Karnak Cachette

Karnak (CFEETK)

Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project

Khonsu Temple

Luxor Archaeological Heritage Foundation (TT 45)


French Archaeological Mission of Thebes-Ouest Ramesses III (KV 11)

Mut Precinct

Mut Temple Expedition

Nefertari’s tomb

Nefertari: Journey to Eternity

Osirisnet – Tombs of Ancient Egypt


Sheikh 'Abd el-Qurna (Basel)

South Asasif Conservation Project

Theban Mapping Project

Theban Necropolis Database (Waseda University)

Theban Harbours and Waterscapes Survey

Theban Mapping Project

Tomb of Horemheb and Maya

Tomb of Nakht

Tomb of Tutankhamun

Tomb of Ramses III

TT 16 (Panehsy and Tarenu)

TT 33 (Padiamenope)

TT 99 (Senneferi)

TT 110 Epigraphy Field School

TT 149 (Amenmose)

TT 184 (Nefermenu)

Valley of the Kings (Basel)

Valley of the Kings (Pacific Lutheran University)

Visir Amen-Hotep Huy

TIP, Greco/Roman and Late Period plus

Coptic Dictionary Online

Coptic Magical Papyri

Database of Medieval Nubian Texts

Demotic Palaeographical Database Project

Mummy Portraits of Roman Egypt

Nubian Burial: Re-excavating SJE 350/II

POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online

Qurna in the Sky

Roman gold settlements


El-Hibeh – 22nd Dynasty


Djedmontefanch | Zoom in to view this splendid 21st dynasty coffin in great


Ramses Online: an annotated corpus of Late Egyptian


Delta region

Delta Survey

Imbaba Prehistoric Survey

Kafr el Dawar Survey

Kafr Hassan Dawood

Kom Abou Billou

Kom Firin

Mendes (Tell el-Rub'a)

Naukratis (British Museum)

Naukratis (EES)

Sais (Sa el-Hagar)

Tabbet al-Guesh

Tell Enough Project

Tell el-Balamun

Tell el-Farkha

Tell Ibrahim Awad

Tell Mutubis (Kom el Ahmar)

Tell Nabasha Survey Project

Western Delta Regional Survey

Memphite region



Constructing the Sacred:

Visibility and Ritual Landscape at Saqqara -

Heliopolis Project

Oxford Expedition

Saqqara (Dutch)

Saqqara (French-Swiss)

Saqqara (Penn Museum)

Saqqara (Polish-Egyptian)

Saqqara Tomb Project (Liverpool)

Survey of Memphis

Waseda University Expedition

Middle Egypt

Abydos Archaeology

Abydos Temple Paper Archive


Dayr al-Barsha Project

Fayum Project

Gurob Harem Palace Project


North Abydos Votive Zone Project

Theban region

Ankh-Hor Project (TT 414)

Arizona Expedition

Epigraphic Survey (Oriental Institute)

Italian Archaeological Mission in Luxor

Djehuty project

Project Two Zero Nine

Qurna History Project

Waseda University Expedition

Southern Egypt

Aswan – Kom Ombo Archaeological Project


Gebelein Archaeological Project

Gebel el-Silsila Project

Hagr Edfu

Mo’alla Survey Project

Naqada Regional Survey

Oxyrhynchus – The city of Osiris

Qubbet el-Hawa (EES)

Qubbet el-Hawa (University of Jaén)
Tell Edfu Project

Western Desert & Oases

Amheida (Dakhleh Oasis)

Dakhleh Oasis Project

El-Hayz Project

Nadura Temple Project

Theban Desert Road Survey

Eastern Desert & Red Sea Coast

AMeRS: Red Sea-Sinai Association

Berenike Project


Mersa (Wadi Gawasis)


Wadi el-Hudi


Sinai Palimpsests Project


AcrossBorders (Sai Island)

Amara West

Attab to Ferka Survey

El-Kurru (Kush)


Medieval Sai Project

Naga Project

Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project

Sanam Temple Project


Third Cataract Project



Art and Architecture

AEGARON: Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online

Egyptian Monuments

Egyptian Sculpture Digitization Project

History of Egyptology

Artefacts of Excavation: British Excavations in Egypt 1880-1980

EES Photo Archives on Flickr

Letters from Georg Steindorff

NINO collection of glass slides

Sura Project

King Lists

IFAO Anthroponyms and Genealogy of Ancient Egypt – Names of the Pharaohs

Turin Papyrus Online Platform (TPOP)

Religion and Funerary Beliefs

DemonBase: Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project

e-Coffins: Egyptian coffins, mummies and masks in Switzerland

EMINA: Egyptian Mummies In North America

Ushebtis 3D

Warsaw Mummy Project


Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank

Ancient Egyptian Cobra Project

Science in Ancient Egypt

Texts and Language

Berlin papyrus database

Polychrome Hieroglyph Research Project


Nile Travelogues

World Heritage Tours

Digital Resources

Online courses

Ancient Egypt: a history in six objects (University of Manchester)

Blue Symposium and Yellow Symposium (University of Manchester)

Ancient Egypt (Khan Academy)

Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization (University of Pennsylvania)

Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archeology (Harvard University)

Superpowers of the Ancient World: the Near East (University of Liverpool)

Wonders of Ancient Egypt (University of Pennsylvania)


BBC Radio 4 In Our Time

The History of Egypt Podcast


AED | Ancient Egyptian Dictionary.

Petrie Museum for Android / iOS | Visitor guide that detects where you are

in the museum.


Digital Epigraphy  | Download the ebook by Krisztián Closeup and the

Epigraphic Survey.

Digital Epigraphy | Website by the Oriental Insitute with reviews, manuals

and tutorials.

Hieroglyph tools

Jsesh | Open source hieroglyphic editor.

SignWriter | Includes selected texts, hieroglyphic editor, dictionary and sign


Thesaurus Egyptian  | Online version of the  dictionary der

Egyptian language . | English-Egyptian dictionary.

Hiero | Egyptian-French dictionary.

Demotic Dictionary | By the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

GlyphBasic | Hieroglyphic font.

Ramses Online: an annotated corpus of Late Egyptian

Trlit_CG Times | Transliteration font.

Voices of Ancient Egypt | Learn hieroglyphs with Egyptologist Melinda

Nelson-Hurst. – Youtube Video


MicroPasts | Contribute to archaeological research by digitizing data.

Museum search

CLEO | Search multiple museum collections with one tool.

Egyptological museum search | Search several museums by inventory



Thot – Thesauri & Ontology | Documenting and encoding ancient Egyptian


Online Collections and Libraries

Ancient Egypt Foundation

Ancient World Digital Library – Egyptology

Digital Egypt for Universities

Egypt Centre Online Collection

eEgyptology - index of Egyptology books

Egyptology Books and Articles in PDF online

ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives

Global Egyptian Museum

Griffith Institute – Online Resources

Heidelberg University Library

IFAO Bruyère Archives

OEB: Online Egyptological Bibliography

National Museum of Antiquities – Digital Archive

Virtual Egyptian Museum

Open access publications

Archaeopress – Open Access

Czech Institute – Electronic Publications

Soleb editions

EEF – Egyptological Book Series Online

Getty Publications Virtual Library

IFAO Publications

Kelsey Museum Publications

MAFTO Publications

Mediterranean Museum - Research

Meretseger Books – Digitized Treasures

Met Publications

NINO Downloads

Biblical world and Eastern

Oriental Institute Publications

Propylaeum eBooks

Sidestone Press

TOPOI Publications

UAEE Publications

University of Chicago Library

University of Pennsylvania – Online Books Page

Waseda University – Egyptology Publications

Digital publications

Description of Egypt

Digital Topographical Bibliography

Encyclopedia of Egyptology (UCLA)

IBAES: Internet articles on Egyptology and Sudan archeology

Online journal archives

Aegyptiaca: Journal of the History of Reception of Ancient Egypt

AI: Archaeology International


east library

BIFAO: Bulletin of the French Institute of Oriental Archeology

BMSAES: British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan

Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists

CIPEG journal: Ancient Egyptian & Sudanese Collections and Museums

Der Antike Sudan

Dotawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies

EJARS: Egyptian Journal of Archaeological and Restoration Studies

ENiM: Nilotic and Mediterranean Egypt

Studies and Works

Heidelberg: Historical Egyptological Journals

JAEI: Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections

JAEA: Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture

MDAIK: Communications from the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo

MDOG: Communications from the German Orient Society

NeHet: Digital Journal of Egyptology

PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology

Prague Egyptological Studies

Magazine of the Egyptian Museum

SAAC: Studies in Ancient Art and Civilization

Sudan & Nubia

Egyptology Jobs

ZDMG: Journal of the German Oriental Society

Online magazines and newsletters

ASTENE Bulletin

Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Karnak Notebooks

Egyptology 2.0

Egyptian Archaeology (EES)

Newsletter of the Egyptian Ministry of Anquities

Nile Magazine – Free Samples

Oriental Institute – News & Notes


Online scholarship



Digitized books


Google Books

Internet Archive


Project Gutenberg


EEF: Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum – general resource for Egyptologists,

news, latest publications and jobs.

Institutes Websites

Aegean Egyptology

Australian Centre for Egyptology

ARCE: American Research Center in Egypt

Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology

Chicago Oriental Institute

Czech Institute of Egyptology

CFEETK: Franco-Egyptian Center for the Study of the Temples of Karnak

DAIK: German Archaeological Institute, Cairo

Griffith Institute (Oxford)

IEAA: Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

IEAE: Institute of Ancient Egyptian Studies

IFAO: French Institute of Oriental Archeology

IKSiOPAN: Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures of the Polish

Academy of Sciences

IVDE: Valencian Institute of Egyptology

NINO: Netherlands Institute for the Near East

NVIC: Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo

Swiss Institute for Egyptian Building Research and Archeology

in Kairo

Waseda Institute of Egyptology

Yale Egyptological Institute

Associations Websites

ASE: Association for Students of Egyptology

ASTENE: Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East

IAE: International Association of Egyptologists

Societies Websites

EES: Egypt Exploration Society

Irish Egyptology Society

SSEA: Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (Canada)

Sudan Archaeological Research Society

TESSA: The Egyptian Society of South Africa

West Midlands Egyptology Society


3D Petrie Museum

British Museum

British Museum Blog

British Museum on Sketchfab

Describing Egypt

Egypt at the Manchester Museum

Egypt Centre Collection Blog

Garstang Museum

Kelsey Museum

National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

National Museum of Brasil

Penn Museum ArtifactLab

Penn Museum

Petrie Museum

Egyptologists Blogs

Amun-Ra Egyptology

Ancient Egypt Heritage

Ancient (t)ales

Art of Counting

At the Mummies Ball

Brice C. Jones – Papyrologi

Chris Naunton

Eloquent Peasant

Everyday Orientalism

Grandpa Medu

Faces & Voices

Gary Shaw

Hannah Pethen

It’s More Fun to Be Jack of All Trades

Luxor News by Jane Akshar

Maria Rosa Valdesogo

Melanie in Misr

Mummy Stories

Museum Egyptology

Nile Scribes

Papyrus Stories

Photographing Tutankhamun

Sandra Ottens

Seshat’s Journal

Tales from the Two Lands


Virtual Museum


Egypt and the Bible

Online Scholarship

Academia - includes many articles on Egypt and the Bible. 

Biblical Archaeology Library - run by the Biblical Archaeology Society. Some material is available for free but to access the full library you do need to subscribe.

Bible Odyssey- Egypt - includes many articles on Egypt run by the society of biblical literature.

Researchgate - includes many articles on Egypt and the Bible.

Biblical Text Sites

Biblehub/library - site includes extensive library of biblical texts from Early Church Fathers through to modern.

Sacred Texts  - this site provides access to 


Answers in Genesis- Egyptian Chronology and the Bible

The Torah - Joseph and the in Egyptian History

Articles by Charles F Aling - collection of articles on Abraham, Joseph etc in Egypt. Need a subscription to the site to read them.


Bible History - resources for teachers and students, contains section on Egypt.

Biblehub/timeline comprehensive timeline of all events in the bible.

Online resources: About
Pyramids mystical temple Anubis.jpeg

Alternative Egypt

Ancient Origins - Online magazine exploring the origins of civilisation.

Independent Researchers

Robert Bauval - proposes that the Pyramids at Giza are laid out in the pattern of the belt of Orion and were therefore built much earlier than currently accepted

Graham Hancock - independent researcher of several alternative history books.

Ian Onvlee - proposes a revision of the Egyptian Chronology based on Radio Carbon dating.

David Rohl - Author of a Test of Time, an alternative chronology for Egypt

Robert Schoch- proposes that the sphinx is weathered by heavy and sustained rainfall and is therefore much older than currently accepted by Egyptologists.

Siefert & Lemke - propose a recognisable pattern for identifying cosmic impact events in climate anomalies. Their 8 part study of the effect of cosmic impact events on human civilisation since 8000 BC is interesting reading, especially the paper on the 4.2 Kilo year event, the destruction of Akkad and the dating of the Biblical Flood.

Jack Stornoway Broken Timelines series proposes a radically different chronology for Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Robert K G Temple - author of the Sirius Mystery and the Sphinx Mystery

Online resources: About
Egyptian Queen with Tigers.jpeg

Fantasy Egypt

Coming Soon

Online resources: About
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