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About Egyptian Mysteries

Where History Meets Fiction


Cathy Campbell

B. Ed Lib; MIS; MBA; MA Egypt

Egyptian Mysteries is the brain-child of Cathy Campbell, Egyptologist, Writer and Adjunct Lecturer. Egyptian Mysteries combines her passion for historical research and teaching with creative writing, energy healing and roleplaying games. The site brings all of these together in a unique offering of resources, products and services all related to Ancient Egypt.

Cathy lives with husband Joe, six psycho Bengal Cats and one adorable Mini Schnauzer, in their beach side house at tranquil Deception Bay, Brisbane, which is stuffed full of books and papers on ancient Egypt. Cathy’s personal library is well in excess of 1000 volumes and occupies its own room in the house.

Qualifications and Experience

Cathy holds a degree in librarianship as well as a teaching degree and three Masters Degrees, including one in Egyptology and she was an Adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney for twelve years. She also lead tours to Egypt for Academy Travel for six years. She is a published author of twelve books, a Reiki Master since 2000 and veteran role-playing gamer of twenty years.

Image by Mo Gabrail

A Unique Site with Unique Offerings

Features of the Egyptian Mysteries Site

The Egyptian Mysteries Site straddles the space between Academia and Esoteric Studies of Egyptology. It explores the unanswered questions in Ancient Egyptian History and Myth, the spaces where fiction can spin tales of heroism, magic and mystery.

It is offered up as a source of inspiration for writers and researchers who want to explore those unanswered questions and fill those gaps in the historical record with their own ideas and stories. 

Getting the Most from the Site

To get the most out of the site we recommend you become a member, because a lot of the information we have is only available to members. The details of benefits of membership can be found on the Memberships Page.

How to find what you are looking for

Offerings include:

  • Online Content: Blog posts and Articles

  • Online Community: where you can discuss ideas with other members, and ask and answer questions.

  • Products: both digital (resources, ebooks and tools) and physical (amulets  and other wares) are available through our online store, some of these are available for free to members, discounts are also available for members

  • Information Services: services to help researchers and writers develop their work

  • Courses: we also offer online courses in Egyptian Esoteric Arts

  • Membership Groups: Researchers, Writers, Healers and Gamers

Site content includes material aimed at the four interest groups:

  • Historical resources: posts and articles, group discussion, digital products (ebooks, timelines, lists, bibliographies, maps, presentations, infographics), courses.

  • Writers resources: posts and articles, group discussion, digital products (character development templates, story structure templates and writers tools), courses

  • Healers resources: posts and articles, group discussion, digital (ebooks) and physical products (amulets etc), courses

  • Gamers resources: posts and articles, group discussion, digital products (Game of Kemet).


Enjoy! ​


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