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An Introduction to Understanding Egyptian Art

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Presented by Catherine Campbell, Egyptologist
B Ed Lib; MIS, MITMgt; MA Egypt

Catherine  is an Eyptologist and author of over a dozen books. She was an Adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney for twelve years and lead tours to Egypt for Academy Travel. She is an authority on Egyptian Metaphysics, including Egyptian Energy Healing, Egyptian Cosmology, Egyptian Tarot, Egyptian Astrology, Egyptian Ritual and Magical Practice and Egyptian Art and Symbols.

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Egyptian Art

A language All its Own

The Egyptian written language was formed from pictures and symbols, their art is riddled with symbols, icons and motifs, and their religious ideas and practices are sophisticated concepts expressed largely in metaphors. It is impossible to understand Egyptian culture and practices without being able to decode the visual language that they used to express their ideas.

In this module students will be introduced to the framework of symbols, colours, motifs and icons used by the Egyptians to express core concepts in their ideology. Through this process students should gain a working knowledge of key concepts and ideas fundamental to an understanding of Egyptian culture and religious practice.

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Course Overview

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The concept of “essentialism” in Egyptian art

  • The Egyptians use of colour and its meaning

  • Hieroglyphs a brief introduction

  • Core concepts in Egyptian art

  • Recognising Ntjr.w (crowns and animals)

  • Symbols and Motifs

  • Sacred numbers

  • Decoding a scene “The Weighing of the Heart”


Learning Objectives

In this course students will: 

  • Learn why Egyptians depicted items and people the way that they do

  • Learn the symbolic meaning of colour in Egyptian art

  • Be able to recognise some key hieroglyphs

  • Gain an understanding of core concepts in Egyptian religious and cultural ideology

  • Learn how to recognise and identify Ntjr.w (Egyptian deities)

  • Learn the meaning of certain key symbols, motifs and numbers

  • Learn to “read” a scene in two dimensional Egyptian art

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This course includes

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Introduction to Understanding Egyptian Art - FREE for a limited time!

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