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Wren St Claire - Author

Wren St Claire writes romantic fiction set in ancient Egypt, with a touch of fantasy. Her romances span heat levels from mildly sensuous to scorching hot. Her novels are available from Amazon, but her short stories can be downloaded here for free. 

Historical Adult Fantasy Romance

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Historical Adult Fantasy Romance 

The Golden Lotus Series Book 1

Eternity's Child

 When tragedy strikes the lotus house, beautiful half Nubian Maati and her fellow working girls flee their pimp Apepi's ill treatment, and seek to make their own fortunes in the Northern Capital. 

Handsome wine merchant Rane, reluctantly gives the girls passage on his ship, seduced by Maati's dusky beauty. Passion turns rapidly to love, but can an orphan lotus house worker, aspire to marry a successful merchant?

Maati's destiny catches up with her in the capital as the poisonous tentacles of the lotus trade threaten to destroy everything Rane has built and place Maati beyond his reach.

Note: this series is set in a brothel and contains graphic sexual content if this offends you please do not read.

Historical Adult Fantasy Romance

The Golden Lotus Series Book 2

Sekhmet's Daughter

When irascible Troop Commander Djefatsen, returns from 3 years of hell in Kush, all he wants is to see his sweet little wife Raia, again. But betrayal awaits him and he seeks solace in the arms of elegantly beautiful and feisty lotus house girl, Teta.

Teta delights in Djef's angry passion, but she isn't prepared to deal with the heartache that comes with letting him under her skin. 

When the evil brewing in the outlawed lotus trade takes a hand and Teta vanishes, the Commander begins a desperate search to find the woman who has captured his heart.

But palace politics has one final hand to play and more heartache awaits Teta and those who love her.

Note: this series is set in a brothel and contains graphic sexual content if this offends you please do not read.

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Time-travel Romance

The Exile New Cover.png
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False Door Series Book 1

The Exile

When charismatic Djet arrives in the papyrology department of the Cairo Museum, Audrey thinks all her prayers have been answered. But the big man is more than he seems. 
Exiled to modern Egypt following a fight with his sister Hathor, goddess of love, Djehuty (Djet), has more problems than lack of departmental funding. He is dying by the day and if he can't get back to his own time and plane, the forces of chaos that have been unleashed will destroy everything and everyone he loves. If only he can figure out how to break Hathor's spell. 
Audrey, trapped in a destructive pattern of attraction to violent men, finds enigmatic Djet hard to resist, but can she crack the shield of his frozen heart?
With irrepressible 11-year-old Medhi, wisecracking Dwarf Bes, and undercover antiquities police officer Tim in tow, Djet and Audrey are caught in a race for their lives through the streets of Cairo pursued by the demons from the Duat sent to kill them. From Cairo to the Duat and the realm of the gods, the battle to save the world and time itself shows Djet the true value of love. But will it be enough to save the woman he has come to realise means more to him than life itself?


Historical Romantic Fantasy

A Short Story

The Scorpion Ring

House-maid Teshret's little brother Djed has been bitten by a scorpion and is very sick. To save him she must do the unthinkable.

Ramose, High Priest of Serqet, the Scorpion Goddess, has lost his healing powers but when he finds Teshret in his chambers in the middle of the night, he discovers his Goddess may have sent him the answer to his prayers.

The Scorpion Ring Cover.png

To Read click and download in the format you want

To Read click and download in the format you want

The Scorpion King Cover.png

A Short Story

Historical Adult Fantasy Romance

The Scorpion King

Tarkhan is the last bastion of independence in a conquered Egypt, Hathor Warrior Queen of Tarkhan takes the only action she can to save her people from attack by the conqueror of all Egypt, the Scorpion King.

The Brotherhood of Set series Book 1

Historical Adult Paranormal  Romance

The Vizier's Wife

Imagine being able to solve your own murder? That is precisely what Ahmose, bitter, aging Vizier is tasked to do when an attempt on his life misfires and he wakes up in the body of his young, handsome, but feckless bodyguard.

An old man in a young man’s body, Ahmose has an opportunity to correct his errors of the past and live his life over with a beautiful young wife and son.

But before he can enjoy this good fortune, he must figure out who is trying to kill him, why and how to stop them, while negotiating the shoals of marriage to a woman he has fallen deeply in love with, who believes he is someone else entirely.

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Available 2023

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