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Heka Maat

Egyptian Feng Shui

Heka Ma'at means Energy of Truth in ancient Egyptian. The Egyptians were highly symbolic in their use of imagery and ideas. They incorporated metaphors of the Cosmos into their temples and floor plans because they believed that by recreating it in miniature, they could in some part control it.  The better-known Chinese practice of Feng Shui is essentially the same idea, but based on a different culture, there are however common elements as the two have a common root. For example, Feng Shui is based on the concept of Chi. In the Egyptian system this same concept is called Heka.

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Image by Dmitrii Zhodzishskii

This book will teach you 

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The Nine Relams 

Learn about the elements, deities, amulets and more of each of the Nine Realms of the Egyptian cosmography map, the journey of transformation and the Egyptiam language of symbols and colours

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The Nine Zones

Learn about the Nine corresponding Zones and the colours, materials, crystals and more  that can transform your living space to align the zone with its realm and optimise the flow of heka through the space.

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A step by step guide to how to apply the map to your house, garden or office.  Detailed instruction on how to analyse and treat the zones for optimal health and well being in your living and working spaces.

Image by Tianhao Zhang

The Egyptian blue lotus, symbol of fertility

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