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Ankh Amulet Pendant and Earring Sets - 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated

Ankh Amulet Pendant and Earring Sets - 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated

The Ankh (Breath of Life) Amulet

The Ankh is the Egyptian symbol for the Breath of Life. It supports replenishment of heka (chi) and clearing of wekhedu (toxins) from the body, supporting a long and healthy life. The Ankh is the chief symbol of the Netjeru (gods) of ancient Egypt and its presence indicates their blessing of the recipient and their bestowal of heka upon them. It is associated with the Nostrils (a lost chakra of the Egyptian Energy Healing System, Heka Metu).


Use the Ankh to boost energy and general well being, to purify the blood and clear the lungs, throat and sinuses.


In energy healing the Ankh can support the following:

  • Emotional Focus Areas are:
    • Lust for life
    • Ambition
    • Risk taking
  • Physical Focus Areas are:
    • Sinus
    • Headaches
    • Ears
  • Spiritual Focus Areas are:
    • Breath of Life
    • Secrets

For more information on how to apply the Ankh in energy healing see our courses on Egyptian Energy Healing.


    These authentic Egyptian amulets can be used as foci for energy healing or worn as jewellery. Matching earrings are also available (see separate product listing,). Purchase as a set for 10% discount (see separate product listing).

    These amulets are of the highest quality, crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated to guard against tarnishing. They come in two sizes: 2 cm and 3 cm  and can be purchased with or without a 1 mm gauge sterling silver and rhodium plated 40 cm with 5 cm extension chain (see separate product listing to purchase chain on its own).

    There are 10 different amulets available in the set, Ankh, Eye of Horus, Eye of Ra, Swt (Feather of Maat), Djed Pillar (Spine of Osiris), Tyet (Knot of Isis), Mw (water), Scarab (Khepre), Was Sceptre, Ib (heart) amulet.

    All amulets come in a luxury black velvet and gold trim pouch with a card describing the meaning of the amulet.


    There is no refund or return for physical goods, however, if the goods are damaged in transit, a replacement may be requested. No freight charges will apply, but the recipient must provide proof of the damage occurring in transit.

    If the goods do not arrive at their destination within 2 months of purchase for addresses outside of Australia, or within 14 days for addresses within Australia, and tracking proves that the item has not been delivered within the specified timeframes above, a replacement will be provided, no freight charges will apply.


    Postage within Australia is free and is charged at a flat rate of  $15.00 (AUD) for all other destinations.

    Amulets are sent in their own velvet pouch with a card providing a description of the Amulets' properties and purpose.

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