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Female Rulers of Ancient Egypt

Female Rulers of Ancient Egypt

There have been 15 women who held power in Ancient Egypt equivalent to their male counterparts, but because of historians prejudices we have never heard of most of them. This 30 slide presentation explores who they were and the evidence for their status as Kings or Queen's Regnant.

  • 5 Super Queen’s who exercised exceptional power along side of their husbands (3 went on to rule in their own right after their husbands death).
  • 7 Queen’s Regent who ruled for their sons until they came of age (3 went on to be co rulers with their sons and 2 to seize power in their own right).
  • 11 Female Kings who ruled in their own right (5 were neither Super Queen’s nor Regents before seizing the throne).
  • 15 individual women who ruled as Super Queen’s, Queens Regent and Kings in their own right…
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