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Lore of Maat

The Key to More Powerful Energy Healing

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Presented by Catherine Campbell, Egyptologist
B Ed Lib; MIS, MITMgt; MA Egypt

Catherine  is an Eyptologist and author of over a dozen books. She was an Adjunct Lecturer at Macquarie University in Sydney for twelve years and lead tours to Egypt for Academy Travel. She is an authority on Egyptian Metaphysics, including Egyptian Energy Healing, Egyptian Cosmology, Egyptian Tarot, Egyptian Astrology, Egyptian Ritual and Magical Practice and Egyptian Art and Symbols.

Lore of Maat

Optimise your energy healing power

The Lore of Maat Course is designed for fully trained and experienced energy healers of any modality who wish to improve the effectiveness of their energy healing.


The Lore of Maat is a component of the Egyptian Energy Healing course Heka Metu that I deliver to students who wish to learn the authentic Egyptian method of energy healing as practiced by the wab priests of ancient Egypt. I have spun this component off into its own course for practitioners of any energy healing modality who would like to improve the effectiveness of their energy healing.


This course and the accompanying book The Simple Guide to More Powerful Energy Healing, is part of the full Certificate of Energy Healing and the complementary Certificate of Egyptian Metaphysics. For those interested in training in the full Egyptian Energy Healing System: Heka Metu, I refer you to the Level I and Level II courses (the online versions of these courses are coming soon). Those have no prerequisite requirements. This course however assumes that you are a fully trained and experienced Energy Healer.


As a Reiki Master and Egyptologist, I was uniquely placed to recognise the evidence for the practice of energy healing on the walls of the Temple of Abydos when I went there for the first time in 2007.


I still remember the shiver that went down my spine when I made the connection. That was the beginning of a fifteen year journey to uncover the system of energy healing that the ancient Egyptians used and to put together the metaphysical principles upon which it is based. In the process I also discovered the conditions for optimising the effectiveness of energy transmission.

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Course Overview

This course is broken into 5 sections

  1. Introduction: overview, learning objectives, the book and about your teacher.

  2. Maat vs Isfet: this section introduces the Egyptian Worldview and the concepts of Maat, Isfet, Ka, Ba and Heka.

  3. The 4 Conditions of the Lore of Maat: this section introduces the 4 conditions that make up the Lore of Maat and enable you to increase the effectiveness and power of your energy healing.

  4. Applying the Lore of Maat: this section details the ritual you can perform before each healing to activate the Lore of Maat and enable your energy healing to be more effective.

  5. Clearing your blocks: this section takes you through a process of clearing any blocks that you may have that are preventing you from realising for full potential as an energy healer.


Learning Objectives

By the end of this course students will:

  • Understand the concepts of Maat, Isfet, Ba, Ka and Heka.

  • Understand the four Conditions of the Lore of Maat.

  • Understand how to perform all the parts of the ritual of the Lore of Maat.

  • Understand how to conduct exercises to clear blocks in the four conditions of the Lore of Maat.

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This Course Includes:

For a Limited Time this course is available for FREE!

This course is normally $100.00

For a limited time there are a limited number of places available for FREE! 

Click the FREE Enrole Now Button below to secure your place in this unique and empowering course. 

  • Optimise your healing power

  • Clear your channels

  • Experience the gentle, balancing power of Maat

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